Podcasts from Baboró's 2023 Festival

If you missed our talk series at the 2023 festival, three fantastic talks are now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The Baboró podcast features conversations with early childhood experts and Irish and international artists. Topics include the ups and downs of long distance collaboration, the profound impact of the arts on very young children, and what needs to be done to build and sustain a thriving inclusive arts landscape in Ireland.

Who is this podcast for? We hope anyone with an interest in creativity for children will enjoy tuning in to these new episodes. The Baboró podcast will be of particular interest to artists, educators and parents -- and we know many people in our audience are a combination of these roles.

Listen through the links below or subscribe to the Baboró podcast on Spotify or Apple. If you like what you hear in Season 2, be sure to check out Season 1.

Episode 1: Approaches to Making Art Across Oceans

Panellists: Amy Conroy, Andy Packer, Jessica Wilson. Chaired by Tony Reekie

As humanity seeks to write a new story about our place within nature, what are the roles and responsibilities of artists working across cultures and borders?

How do we use our work to repair connection to place and landscape? How do we collaborate in ways that honour local voices alongside international perspectives? Can art help us forge togetherness allowing us to move beyond separation; from each other, from nature? And if we must travel to be together, how do we reduce and reconcile our climate impact?

Listen to artists from across Ireland and Australia discuss how we morally and practically collaborate within our modern world. [Note: Artist Maisie Lee was going to discuss her work with Jessica Wilson on The Shape of Quiet Feelings but she was unfortunately unable to take part due to illness.]

Recorded 17 October 2023 during Baboró’s annual festival. This event was supported by the Australian Embassy.

Episode 2: Early Childhood Arts

Kate Delaney, Naomi Draper, Ciara Gallagher, Jane Heffernan, Maree Hensey, Seona Ni Bhrian, Amanda Pintore, Melisa Skrzyszewska & Joanna Wyvar in conversation with Dr. Rita Melia

Artists and educators share their experiences of working on the pilot Arts in Early Learning and care (ELC) and School-age Childcare Scheme (SAC). The pilot scheme, developed and funded by The Arts Council in partnership with the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY), is supporting professional artists and arts organisations to work with ELC and SAC settings, and to explore the Draft Principles for Engaging with the Arts in Early Learning and Care, published by the DCEDIY.

Artists Maree Hensey and Naomi Draper, working with Kids' Own Publishing Partnership, early years educators Melisa Skrzyszewska and Joanna Wyvar, from Inspiring Mind Preschool and Kids’ Own’s creative director, Ciara Gallagher, share their projects and their experiences of the pilot scheme. Amanda Pintore, Atlantic Technological University (ATU) Fulbright US Specialist, concludes the discussion, reflecting on her experiences of working with early years educators, students and young children at Arizona State University, USA. Other contributors include Seona Ni Bhrian, Head of YPCE at the Arts Council, Kate Delaney, Creative Ireland Programme and Jane Heffernan Department of Tourism, Culture, Art, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media. This discussion was facilitated by Dr. Rita Melia, Lecturer in Early Childhood Education at ATU and Coordinator of the pilot scheme.

Recorded 18 October 2023 during Baboró’s annual festival. This event was funded by the Creative Ireland Programme which is supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.

Episode 3: Space for All: Towards Inclusive Practice

Panellists: Niall Cleary, Michael Hayes, Brian McSweeney, Jody O'Neill, Petal Pilley, Jess Rowell. Chaired by Linda Geraghty

What needs to shift in order to better support a thriving inclusive arts landscape in Ireland? This panel of creatives share their current arts practices and learnings from developing work with and for people of diverse abilities.

This recording includes practitioners who are breaking down barriers and exploring what it means to make performance work in an inclusive way, some of whom are, by their own admission, learning as they go. The discussion explores what it takes to create inclusive work for and with all artists and audiences, including those with intellectual and physical disabilities and what is needed to better support this work. Expect a generous sharing of expertise and experience from some of the most pioneering makers of work for adults and children in Ireland.

Chaired by Linda Geraghty. Presented in partnership with Branar’s Meitheal Initiative.

Recorded 18 October 2023 during Baboró’s annual festival.