A Farewell to Galway

Early morning pondering (the clever way of wording leisurely 2 AM scrolling, laptop-as-your-blanket nights) can take you far, in my experience. It took me to a different high school. It led me to the West Coast of my country. It brought me to a new base in New Jersey. Most recently, it took me across the Atlantic to a wonderful workplace with even better people.

When I first saw the opportunity to work at Baboró, I felt a pull to it. Felt amazed that such a thing would exist for the littlest people. It’s incredibly respectful, to treat young people as the people they are with the capabilities they have right now. (The world could use more of that. It could also use more Jen’s, and Elaine’s, and every member of the Baboró team.) I wanted to be part of making that festival happen for them. And I’ve gotten to; gotten to see all that goes into each moment that leads to another that could affect a child’s day or week or life. That’s so special.

What was also special were these eight weeks I spent living in Knocknacarra and working on Merchants Road. I feel fiercely independent but also so glad to have made the friendships I did, to have done the solo trips but returned to a warm home with a bright soul. To have been part of nice, collective laughs but also to have sat alone at the Long Walk. To have collected those moments I missed before they were over. To have dealt with Excel and a small office but also to have thoroughly enjoyed every second of a fleeting thing.

I’ve learned so much from this internship. I’ve learned to get creative with the work that’s there. I’ve learned how to learn from others when I’m new to a team. I’ve learned that there really is no limit to how many times I’ll put Birdie on a social media post.

Above all, I have a new sense of adventure. I want to see and enjoy and just be in so many places at once.


I saw this poster in a shop in Blarney, and it was like reading a recipe for a meal I’d already cooked. Fortunately, I did it right.

Thanks a mil, Galway. You’ve been grand.