All You Need to Know About WIDE EYES

This February Baboró International Arts Festival for Children will host WIDE EYES, a one-off arts extravaganza for babies and children aged 0 - 6, in Galway.

We've put together some frequently asked questions and if you've any more, please do let us know.

When is it on?
WIDE EYES runs 1 - 4 February, with shows and events every day from 9.30 in the morning until 5.30 in the evening.

Where is it on?
The performances and events will take place in 7 venues across Galway city. Here's some advice on parking and getting around.

What ages do you cater for? 
What's special about WIDE EYES is that it is especially for children aged 0 to 6 years, and their big people.

How do we find out about the festival? 
Browse the programme here and stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also pick up a WIDE EYES brochure around Galway, and in the Town Hall Theatre.

Can you describe the events in the festival?
There are 15 new shows from 15 countries, featuring theatre, dance, music, puppetry and much more. The Festival lineup also includes installations and family workshops.

What price are tickets?
Individual show tickets are €9 and family tickets (4 persons) cost €30. Each child much be accompanied by and adult, and each person much have a ticket. Tickets for school performances are €6.50 each. Workshops are €5 per person or as listed.

Are there any free events?
Yes, there are free installations and surprises to choose from. You can view the free events here.

I’ve booked a show. Is there anything else we can do before or after that?
Yes, there’s so much on offer. It's lovely to see families enjoying a jam-packed day. We encourage everyone to ‘Make a Day of it’ and here's how:

Do I have to accompany my child to the shows and workshops?
Unless your child is attending a dedicated schools event, adults are required to accompany children at shows and workshops. It’s all part of the experience to enjoy the events together. Each person much have a ticket.

Are there any suitable shows for children with additional needs?
Yes, the Baboró team always aims to provide a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for children with additional needs, and the nature of shows for early years means that most of the WIDE EYES programme is suitable for children with multiple needs too.  WIDE EYES features a very special show called Tuntu, which has been specifically designed for visually impaired audiences, however ther is much more to choose from. If you would like additional advice please contact Heidi on 091 562 642.

Do I need to have a child with me to attend a WIDE EYES show?
We’ll let you in on a little secret… grown ups absolutely love childrens’ shows! If you’re curious about a show, buy yourself a ticket and come along, with or without a child. We also have a range of talks and workshops for adults.

I’m a teacher. How do I arrange to bring my class to a show?
Children can attend shows as part of their school day together with their entire class. For advice and guidance on the best performance for your class/group check out our schools page on this site, call the dedicated Baboró schools line on 091 562 642 or email

Right! I’m ready to book tickets. What do I do next?
Book online here or contact the Town Hall Theatre box office on 091 569 777.

For someone who’s never brought thier young child to the theatre, what do you advise?
Just dive in! The Baboró team are known for their warm welcome and care with audiences, so just come along to a show and we guarantee you’ll be hooked for life.