Baboró Envisions Creativity at the Heart of Every Childhood

We are delighted to share with you Baboró's Strategic Plan for 2023 - 2027. This strategy sets out our vision for the future, the values we hold dear, and our ambitions for the next five years, all whilst endeavouring to reflect the Ireland of today in our work.

The festival continues to be our beating heart. Children are at the heart of everything we do, especially since the establishment of Baboró's Children's Panel whose voices informed this strategy. Supporting artists to develop excellent work for children in a thriving ecosystem continues to drive us. We commit to taking responsibility for the impact our work has on our fragile environment, and to sustain the festival and its team so that Baboró can continue to flourish.

Baboró Strategy

Baboró’s purpose is to nurture children’s innate creativity and curiosity for the world around them through their experience of the creative arts.

We do this by:

  • Curating an exciting international arts festival and innovative arts in education programmes in Galway.
  • Encouraging and enabling families, teachers and communities to facilitate children’s participation.
  • Supporting artists across Ireland to make innovative work for children which has the potential to tour nationally and internationally.
  • Advocating for children’s right to participate fully in the cultural life of their community.

Our Strategic Goals

Every child is valued and welcome at Baboró. We are working towards removing barriers facing children and artists and are committed to creating programmes where everyone feels welcomed, feels heard and is represented in our community. We commit to reflecting the diverse, multicultural Ireland of today in our artistic programmes.

Goal One:
Our annual Festival continues to be Baboró’s beating heart – a celebration of all our work and a gathering place for our community.

Goal Two:
Children in all their diversity and brilliance will be at the centre of our programmes and activities.

Goal Three:

Artists will be supported to make exciting, innovative work for children and young people.

Goal Four:

The environmental and biodiversity crisis will be reflected in the way we work and the stories we tell.

Goal Five:

Invest in our staff team and build a resilient organisation that reflects the breadth and quality of our work.

View the details of our goals in our Strategic Plan here.
View our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy here.

Baboró Strategy