Apply Now for LEAP Artist Workshop

Deadline 30 January 2022

Applications for this workshop are now closed.

Calling creators from underrepresented communities who have passion and curiosity for making theatre for young audiences!

We invite you to apply for a new, paid 4-day workshop. The workshop will allow for collaboration with Moonfish Theatre Company—they will share tools and methods for making theatre in the spirit of creative exchange, as you explore and expand your craft and skills in developing theatre for young audiences.

As a participant of the workshop, you will:

  • be paid €600
  • (if desired) receive mentorship for 6 months, post-workshop
  • be welcomed into a community of artists making theatre for young audiences

Is this opportunity for you?

Our young audiences in Ireland are diverse and they deserve to experience art that represents them, created by artists that they can relate to. We welcome applications from individuals who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Demonstrate a passion and/or strong curiosity for creating theatre/performance for young people, regardless of experience.
  • Are from an ethnically diverse community, including—but not limited to—Black, Eastern European, Roma, Mincéir/Traveller, Asian, Latinx, or of a migrant background.
  • Are able to attend the entire duration of all workshop sessions in person in Galway City.*
  • Are based in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Are 18+ years of age.

A total of four applicants will be selected for this opportunity.

The workshop takes place on 4-7 April 2022, 9:30am-5pm each day, in Galway City.

Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by Baboró where necessary.

We can also offer access supports to people with additional needs and those requiring assistance with childcare. See FAQs below for details.

How to apply?

We’d love to hear from you—introduce yourself and tell us what excites you about making work for young audiences! This may be written (1 A4 page attached as Word document or PDF), audio recorded or filmed (3 min) and may include images or songs. Please send your document or recording to

We are happy to accept bilingual applications and we welcome a multilingual approach to work, but please note that the workshop will be delivered in English. We’re open to any other ways you might want to apply, just get in touch!

Closing date for applications is Sunday, 30 January at midnight.

Should you need any assistance in creating your application, feel free to contact Rachel at

We will respond to all applicants by Monday, 28 February 2022, end of day.

If, at any point before the 28th February, you would like to withdraw your application, simply send us an email.

Statement of Care

We recognise that life comes with challenges and needs are different for everyone. We can offer additional support for access and are happy to discuss any additional access supports you might require. Please see FAQs for more information or contact Rachel at to get in touch.

Information Session

If you would like to know more about this opportunity or the application process, please join us at our online info session on Thursday, 13 January 2022 at 3-4pm on Zoom.

The Information Session is now over. Please find a recording of the session below.

Dates to Remember

  • Applications Open - 7 December 2021
  • Information Session - 13 January 2022, 3pm
  • Applications Close - 30 January 2022 at midnight
  • All participants will be notified of our decision by 28 February 2022
  • Workshop Session - 4 -7 April 2022, 9:30am - 5pm


Baboró International Arts Festival for Children runs an annual multi-disciplinary festival for young audiences in Galway each October. One of Baboró’s primary objectives as an organisation is to support artists in Ireland creating work for young audiences. We strive to ensure that our supports reach artists of varying backgrounds, abilities, ethnicities, and identities. LEAP is a way for us to actively support artists who face disproportionate challenges.

Our young audiences in Ireland are diverse and they deserve to experience, not only quality art, but quality art that represents them, created by diverse artists they can relate to. We wish to address a gap between our audiences and the artists presenting work for them.

Through LEAP, we aim to continue our mission to support artists creating work for young people, strengthening the sector with varied voices, and to rectify the discrepancy between representation in the communities we serve and representation on our stages.

Participants and facilitators will share their artistic and creative techniques and tools. They will play physical theatre and devising* games, and explore how to create stories using puppetry, multiple languages, music, and movement.

Participants will be asked to wear comfortable clothes in which they can move and bring water and snacks.

*What is Devising?

‘Devising’ is a way of creating theatre that begins with games and exploration rather than with a written, finished script. It often uses song, music, dance, puppetry, and other artforms, as well as acting, to tell a story onstage, and the performer(s) build the theatre show from the ground up, collaborating and sharing skills and ideas with other people in the rehearsal room. You don’t need any prior experience of devising to participate in LEAP - curiosity, playfulness and interest is all that’s required!

Successful applicants must fulfill all eligibility criteria. We will be looking for you to demonstrate passion and interest in creating theatre for young audiences, but you do not need to have an idea for a project to apply. We want to facilitate collaboration and new relationships and will seek applicants who want to be part of a community to engage with fellow artists and create art.

The selection process will comprise a panel of representatives from Baboró and Moonfish as well as three external artists reviewing all applications.

There will be two rounds of selection, the first round yielding a shortlist that will be narrowed down to the final four.

First Round Panelists:

Ionia Ní Chróinín - Moonfish Co-Founder and Ensemble Member

Cian O’Brien - Artistic Director of Project Arts Centre, Voluntary Chair of Baboró Board

Aislinn Ó hEocha - Baboró Executive Artistic Director

Second Round Panelists:

Michael Chang - Independent Artist and Composer

Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan - Writer and Cultural Consultant

Maeve Stone - Independent Artist and Facilitator

Please note:
Any applicant who attempts to contact or influence a panelist will become ineligible for this opportunity and their submission will be removed from consideration.

If you have any questions about what support we can offer, or would like assistance with applying, please contact Rachel at

Can we offer additional access supports?

Yes! We are happy to accommodate and support artists of all abilities as best we can. Please get in touch to find out how we can help provide additional assistance.

Do we offer supports for childcare?

Yes! We are happy to offer additional financial support specifically for childcare. We recognise that this workshop is a large time commitment, and sometimes it’s hard to leave our day-to-day lives and the people who rely on us for an extended period of time. If childcare is an obstacle for you in attending this programme, please contact us to find out what additional support we can offer.

Can you apply if English is not your first language?

Yes! We welcome multilingual applicants--Moonfish Theatre is a bilingual Irish-English company! Should you wish to submit your application in a language other than English, please include a brief translation, either written or filmed/recorded. Please do note that the workshop sessions will be hosted in English, but Moonfish are open to a multilingual approach to work.

We recognise that paid artist opportunities are sometimes not an option for everyone, whether it’s because you’re an immigrant, refugee, or require financial supports that limit your employment options. We want to assure you that you are still eligible to receive the €600 fee for LEAP should your application be successful, no matter extenuating circumstances. Please get in touch so we can chat through how this opportunity could work for you.

Some useful links:


  • Check your employment allowances on your current visa or permit -
  • As a workshop participant, if you cannot invoice us for the €600 fee, you could potentially be paid through payroll. Should you be paid through payroll, we would deduct tax from the full €600 on your behalf.

Direct Provision

Jobseekers Allowance & Benefit

LEAP is the newest branch of Baboró’s small but mighty GROW Artist Development programme. As a successful participant in LEAP, you will become a member of the GROW community and will be invited to:

  • Join a community of artists—all at various stages of their careers, based in Ireland and creating work for young audiences.
  • Join the Baboró Artist newsletter to learn about upcoming events and opportunities.
  • Ongoing opportunities, including alumni coffee mornings, as part of the GROW community.

Baboró International Arts Festival for Children runs an annual multi-disciplinary festival for young audiences in Galway each October. Now in its 25th year, Baboró invites artists from across Ireland and around the world to present exciting and ambitious work to thousands of children and young people in Galway city and county. We also support artists based in Ireland to develop ambitious and innovative work for children and young people via our GROW programme.

Moonfish Theatre is a Galway-based theatre company creating work in English and Irish that is rooted in the limitless possibilities of the imagination, founded in 2006 by Ionia and Máiréad Ní Chróinín. It is a collaborative ensemble that blends language, story-telling, music and dance with puppetry, interactive technology and light to create exhilarating experiences that challenge and excite audiences.

How is National University of Ireland, Galway involved as a partner on this project?

We are excited to have Dr. Charlotte McIvor and Heidi Schoenenberger of NUI Galway collaborating with us to track the process of this project. Their work will include conversations with participants and stakeholders. Feel free to contact us at if you'd like to learn more.

Baboró is committed to making sure that all children in Ireland will be able to see themselves reflected in the arts. We want to support you to help build this community.