Baboró CPD: Drama Tools for the Classroom, 2018 - Booking Now Open

Would you like to build on your ability to use the creative arts to aid learning and development in the classroom? This five-day, EPV Department of Skills and Education approved summer course has been specially designed to explore the use of drama, both as a subject as well as a methodology, to inspire and augment learning in the classroom, the development of the child and enrich the professional practice of teachers and educators, supported by the drama curriculum and the ethos of Baboró International Arts Festival for Children.

This CPD provides participants with an opportunity to gain insights and practical tools to explore drama in the classroom in a safe and relaxed environment, supported and mentored by drama specialist and primary teacher Irene O'Meara. The emphasis is on process drama and enhancing teacher and child experience in the classroom.


This professional development course is suitable for teachers and professionals working with children, who are enthusiastic about gaining useful drama tools to support their teaching via an integrated approach within the primary curriculum, and using drama games and strategies to enable their students to become directly involved in their own learning.


The course has a practice-based approach, and offers participants 5 days of rich, fun and engaging learning, enabling them to:

  • Enjoy engaging in drama activities with students in a confident manner.
  • Explore a broad range of stimuli for the creation of drama.
  • Develop emotional intelligence in activities where empathy, attitudes, understanding and perspective are given opportunities to be explored and nurtured through fictitious situations reflecting real-life themes and ideas.
  • Integrate Drama as a methodology, as well as a subject in its own right, using topics and subject matter across the curriculum. The revised Language Curriculum will be considered as well as forging strong links with Visual Art and Music.
  • Macro and micro planning; develop an ability to plan for schemes and lessons giving consideration to the Drama curriculum as well as the demands of busy classrooms.
  • Give power to many modes of expression (verbal and non-verbal) where the skill is continually refined and improved in order to deepen the personal and social experience.
  • Use ideas that have been tested by Irene in class, rather than ideas from books and websites.
    Use space and objects, to build context in stories.
  • Create and develop fictional worlds that students can engage in.
  • Foster co-operation and collaboration in an educational environment.
  • Be equipped to deepen students’ experience of the arts via simple exercises in pre and post engagement.
  • Feel equipped to incorporate a class visit to a theatre or gallery so that students can have the best possible creative experience.

About Baboró International Arts Festival for Children:

Baboró International Arts Festival for Children is Ireland's Flagship Family Arts Festival, based in Galway. Now in its 22st year, Baboró continues to reignite the magic of imagination for the whole family via its annual festival in October. A feast of wonder, entertainment, excitement and more.

Baboró is committed to the provision of equal access to quality cultural and creative arts experiences to all children, and in order to achieve this, Baboró is dedicated to supporting educators in their endeavors to inspire children to engage with the world through their experience of the creative arts.

About Irene O’Meara:

Irene O’Meara, B.Ed., LLSM, MA Drama and Theatre Studies

Drama specialist and primary school teacher, Irene O’Meara has been facilitating In-Service for over two decades, and had designed and delivered programmes in Drama, Integrated Arts, Literacy, and Early Childhood Education.

Irene has worked in the Drama Department at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick and is currently a tutor and assessor with Hibernia College. She enjoys introducing new concepts, enhancing skills, facilitating active learning and giving participants ownership of their craft and professionalism.

When: July 2nd – 6th 2018 from 9.30am to 2.00pm

Where: The O'Donoghue Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance, NUI Galway

How Much: €70 (+ booking fee) per person

How Many: Places Limited to 23

Attendees Receive: Certificate of Participation

More Details At: (091) 562 667 or email

I felt very uplifted, inspired and creative. It was time for me and time for my teaching and to think where I wanted to go with it.

The experience was wonderful and exhausting! I didn’t expect to invest so much in it! It was fantastic. You go from joy, to sadness, to anger to happiness. It encompassed so many emotions and feelings…. I found myself doing things I wouldn’t normally do, like singing. It was great!

Irene was outstanding. She had such enthusiasm and was so generous with her time and ideas.

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