Baboró Extends its Support of Artists and Creatives with new Go See Fund

In our continued mission to support and promote the work of artists dedicated to theatre work for young audiences, Baboró is very excited to introduce our Go See Fund.  A small fund dedicated to cover the costs of theatre tickets and travel, the Go See Fund was created to allow artists, creatives, and educators to travel within Ireland to see theatre work for children.  Along with our other creative development projects, such as artists mentoring, networking opportunities, and professional development, the Go See Fund is an exciting way for Baboró to continue its long history of creating opportunities for those interested in artistic work for young audiences.  

Interested in applying for this funding?  Please visit the Go See Fund page of our website to find more information and details on how to apply. 

We at Baboró are really keen to encourage Irish based artists and creatives to get involved in developing performances for children. I find that seeing live work with a theatre full of children can be really inspiring and enlightening. You observe what really works with this audience and what doesn't, forms of presentation that you might like to explore, artists that you may like to collaborate with, the list is endless.... So, with this small fund taken from Baboró's annual Arts Council grant we are hoping that some creatives will go to see performances, either in their own town or within the island of Ireland.