Pathways to Production Participants 2017/2018

Baboró is delighted to partner with Druid and the Mick Lally TheatreBranar Téatar de Phaistí and Galway Theatre Festival to support artists and young companies to develop their ideas with a view to presenting a full performance piece. 

Here are the 2017/2018 Pathway to Production participants and an introduction to their performances:

Manuela Corbari, A Little Door - NINE STORIES ABOUT LOVE

“Once there was a woman who didn’t have anything, just a tiny house and tin watering can. She could be seen walking the streets in both summer and winter, carrying her watering can…”

The lady with the watering can leads the audience through an extraordinary garden of stories where plants and humans can become friends, birds study music, and flowers think like philosophers, reminding us that the boundaries between the natural and human worlds are indistinguishable.

Incorporating puppetry, performance, shadows and live animation.

Mollie Molumby, Bombinate Theatre - LUNA

Every night, Sarah talks to the stars and tells them her worries. One night, they take her to go see the moon. Luna is a new play for children aged 4+, developed by Bombinate Theatre, as part of GROW: Pathways to Production.

Both appear as works-in-development at Galway Theatre Festival - 4-12 May, 2018
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