Effective Ways of Embracing the Revised Primary Language Curriculum

Drama specialist and primary teacher, Irene O’Meara is an expert in the benefits of using creativity in the Classroom. She explores how we can embrace the revised Primary Language Curriculum for us.  

As a primary teacher herself, Irene knows that in a very full, busy and ever-changing environment teachers need ways to maximise their resources, time and children's level of engagement. 

Irene is an advocate of using drama as a methodology to integrate the elements of Communicating, Understanding and Exploring in the Primary classroom, and in the Baboró Drama Tools for the Classroom CPD  this Summer she will demonstrate effective ways of using drama as a starting point to work towards and assess the new progression steps as laid out in the Primary Language Curriculum. 

Two elements that Irene sees as key to embracing the revised Primary Language Curriculum are:

  1. Multi-sensory learning to suit multiple intelligences and different levels of ability.
  2. Story as a starting point for social conventions, elaborating, playful use of language and other comprehension strategies. 

All Irene's activities are tried and tested in a multi-class situation.  Her ideas are tailored to suit a working class, and will help teachers to plan for individual needs & requirements, while at the same time all her ideas and activities can be transferred to whatever topic or theme a teacher wishes to explore. 

Children exploring two of the recommended books to explore themes

Children exploring two of the recommended books for exploring themes
'Silly Billy' by Anthony Browne was recommended during Inservice Day to explore anxiety and worries. Irene will use the story as a starting point for Art, Drama, Music as well as Reading Writing and Oral Language.

'How Jessie Sailed Across The Sea' by PJ Lynch will be explored to cover the theme of emigration and family.

Book your place now to join Irene for Baboró's five-day EPV Department of Skills and Education approved summer course, which will have a practice-based approach and offer participants 5 days of rich, fun and engaging learning!