Talks with artists and professionals from across world — to inform, challenge and inspire.

Baboró's Adult Programme showcases thought-provoking discussions on current best practices and innovative ideas in theatre for young audiences in Ireland. We are delighted to present two of our most exciting talks from Baboró 2018. Both talks have been uploaded to our Youtube channel, free to stream and share with your friends and colleagues.

Focused on creativity, it includes discussions with both Irish and international thought leaders from a range of arts and non-arts disciplines, and aims to significantly progress the position of culture for young audiences in society.

Talk: Approaches to Creating Dance for Children

Join Irish and international industry experts for a panel discussion on creating dance for a young audience.

Speakers include: Tony Reekie (Chair) International Director of ASK (Arts Space for Kids) in Shanghai, China; Loa Carlslund, co-founder of Teater Minsk, David Bolger, Artistic Director of CoisCéim Dance Theatre and Erik Kaiel, Artistic Director of Arch8.

Recorded by Fintan Geraghty at the Mick Lally Theatre, Druid Lane on Thursday, 18 October 2018.

Talk: Theatre for Young Audiences in Scotland & Ireland

A panel discussion reflecting on success and sustaining practice in children's theatre in Scotland and Ireland.

- What are the conditions that allow children’s work to thrive?

- How do we create a sustainable sector in the longterm?

- What are the opportunities for collaboration between Scotland and Ireland?

This panel discussion will reflect on children's theatre in Scotland and Ireland, followed by a reception to celebrate Irish/Scottish cultural collaboration through the Baboró Festival, supported by the Scottish Government Office in Ireland.

Speakers include: Dr Ian Walsh, Lecturer in Drama and Theatre Studies at NUI Galway; Andy Cannon, writer, performer and professional storyteller based in Scotland; Alice McGrath, Creative Director of Red Bridge Arts; Fiona Ferguson, Creative Development Director of Imaginate; Mollie Mollumby, Artistic Director of Bombinate Theatre and Marc Mac Lochlainn, Executive Artistic Director of Branar Téatar do Pháistí

Recorded by Fintan Geraghty at the Mick Lally Theatre, Druid Lane on Friday, 19 October 2018.