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Mapping is an artistic research project focused on creating a sensory-based relationship with very young children, from 0 to 6 years, through performing arts. In particular, it explores the idea of “children-spectators of today and not only of tomorrow”.

Baboró was especially delighted to welcome our Creative Europe MAPPING project partners to the 2022 festival.

A process full of open questions to start to map the aesthetic dimension of very young children, trying to detect the tracks, the many aesthetic moments, that children reveal during the artistic relationship and the underlying reasons.

The partnership of Mapping, spread across the entire territory of the European Union, involves 18 partners from 17 European countries:

  • Baboró International Children’s Festival, Ireland
  • Toihaus Theater, Austria
  • Théâtre de La Guimbarde, Belgium
  • Madam Bach, Denmark
  • Dance Theatre Auraco, Finland
  • Commune de Limoges, France
  • Helios Theater, Germany
  • Artika, Greece
  • Kolibri Puppet Theatre, Hungary
  • La Baracca ONLUS (Project leader), Italy
  • Bologna Fiere/Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Italy
  • De Stillte, Netherlands
  • Teatr Animaczy, Poland
  • Teatrul Ion Creanga, Romania
  • Lutkovno Gledalisce Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Teatro Paraíso, Spain
  • Teater Tre, Sweden
  • Polka Theatre, United Kingdom

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