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How much does a bull weigh? What’s the difference between a heron and a flamingo? How do you make friends at school? Why are children important? What does the rain taste of?

These are just some of the questions that sprang forth through discussions with children as part of projects developed by Kids’ Own, led by professional artists and writers. This exhibition is an exciting opportunity for Kids’ Own to present a space for children that showcases creative ideas, artwork, and children’s voices from more than 24 years of collaborative art-based projects.

The exhibition comprises several themed spaces, focused around: play; people; place; and pondering. The main inspiration for the exhibition comes from Kids’ Own’s extensive library of books made by children, for children, which span a wide range of themes, experiences, and artistic techniques.

The exhibition is interactive and will inspire children to play, think, read, and share. It has been curated by a panel of children and young people from across Ireland, in collaboration with artist Vanya Lambrecht Ward.

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