On Demand Activities

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We at Baboró recognize that visiting artists and in-person workshops and activities are just not always realistic. But that shouldn’t stop students from being able to engage with and experience the joy, freedom and rich potential of the creative arts in the classroom. That’s why Baboró offers On Demand activities to be enjoyed at a time convenient for you.

Presented during our annual festival and now housed here on our site for further engagement, these On Demand workshops and events offer an array of fascinating and enriching experiences for both students and teachers. Each event includes a pack of resources, such as video tutorials or instructional PDFs, that guide participants through the activities. You will need one device, such as a computer or tablet, to access the resources. You may also wish to use a projector to present any videos to your class.

Whether you are discovering these activities for the first time or revisiting them after the festival, we hope they inspire, educate and spark the imagination!

Bees, Biodiversity and Me

A hands-on pre-recorded workshop where you learn to support the humble bumblebee fulfill its role in biodiversity.

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