Bees, Biodiversity and Me

Bees, Biodiversity and Me

Preserving biodiversity is a big task, but there are things that we can all do, right in our own backyards, to make a difference. In this hands-on pre-recorded workshop, Lindsay Deely of Toodlelou Creativity Lab teaches you one way to support the humble bumblebee fulfill its role in biodiversity. The workshop guides students through making a home for solitary bees that will be crafted using simple items found at home, in school, the recycling bin and in nature.

The Workshop

1. Read or download the pre-engagement pack here which will give you an overview of the workshop and a list of items each child will need to create their bee hotel as part of the workshop.

2. Watch the introductory video below. Lindsay talks about the important things that bees do for us every day, how to become a citizen scientist and the simple things we can do to attract bees to our gardens. You may wish to present this to your class to help prepare them for the workshop.

3. Watch the full workshop video below. Lindsay discusses biodiversity and guides students step by step in the crafting of their own bee hotel. You will be prompted to pause the video to encourage class engagement.

About the Artist

Toodlelou Creativity Lab creates opportunities for young people to experience the magic of hands-on learning through workshops that explore ideas by creating, tinkering and experimenting.