Corporate Sponsor Circle

Arts sponsorship is a powerful way to connect with your audience. 

Your support means that we can provide world-class creative engagement, along with fun, magic and laughter to thousands of children and their families each year. By partnering with Baboró, you demonstrate your commitment to the development of Ireland as a creative place to both live and work, where we are focussed on supporting the development of the next generation. 

We believe in making memories that last a lifetime – and you can help!

‘The KBC and Baboró partnership was established in 2014. We believe that we have an active and collaborative role to play in the wider community, so we have been delighted to be part of the Baboró Festival, which has such a long legacy of cultural and artistic excellence’.
Keith Mc Donagh, Hub Manager, KBC Bank Galway

Corporate Sponsorship Circle:

  • Baboró Corporate Sponsor: €1,000+
  • Baboró Major Sponsor: €5,000+ 
  • Baboró Premier Sponsor: €10,000+
  • Baboró Title Sponsor: €25,000+
  • Baboró Signature Sponsor - €50,000+ "Presented by..."

If you would like to discuss the benefits of becoming a Baboró Sponsor in more detail, please contact our Development Executive, Elaine Donovan at 091 562 667 or email

Corporate Sponsor Circle

The following are just some of ways that a partnership between your company and Baboró can create wonderful opportunities for your organisation:

Raise your brand awareness

Opportunities for increased visibility, brand awareness and perception by aligning yourself with Ireland’s only dedicated children's art festival.

Connect with our audience

Opportunities to connect and engage with our large audiences - over 17,000 annually.

Avail of unique press and PR opportunities

Benefit from innovative promotional approaches, and substantial level of coverage for the festival that our media partnerships generate.


Inspire your clients, colleagues, and their families at festival events and productions.

Tax Relief

Opportunity to claim tax relief on your donation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are really proud of what we do and your company can support us by
engaging in a philanthropic way. We are committed to inspiring children
to engage with the world around them through their experience of the
arts – and there are many ways in which you can help us to achieve this.
We at Baboró are ready to listen, brainstorm and develop a sponsorship
package that aligns with your needs and raises your profile. Let’s work
together to make a real difference in the community.

Baboró is a registered charity – we depend on public support and funding to continue – we cannot do what we do without you!