Why Support Us?

To create equal access to the arts for all children, regardless of geographic, economic, physical, intellectual or cultural status - we need your support!

  • Baboró has a strong history and connection to the Galway community, serving the children, families and schools of Galway, and beyond, for over 20 years.
  • As a non-profit organisation every penny, outside of running costs, goes back in to the festival and supporting work.
  • We work with artists of all disciplines and other organisations to enhance the creation of and access to art for young people.
  • We work closely with schools and universities to improve and research arts in education.
  • We partner with business leaders to strengthen the community, with a focus on the development and support of our children - the future generation.

Please consider making a donation today. Thank you!

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Help build the next generation of creative thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs and creators.

If you are interested in joining one of our donor circles you can check out the options and benefits here or contact Ramona Burke on friends@baboro.ie.

Baboró is a registered charity – we depend on public support and funding to continue – we cannot do what we do without you!