Our Impact

We bring extraordinary creative experiences from across the world to curious young minds in the West of Ireland. And we reach out to schools and communities to bring children into those experiences.

ACCESS Programme

Our mission is to inspire children to engage with the world through their experience of the creative arts. To realise this ambition, our ACCESS Programme is at the core of the production and programming of our annual festival.

Through it we subsidise the cost of attending our festival, programme touring events and engage in community outreach.

Subsidised Programme

  • 76% overall ticket price subsidy
  • School children ticket subsidy
  • DEIS ticket subsidy
  • Free tickets for teachers & SNA’s
  • Free workshops for school children
  • Free events and exhibitions for the public


  • Free tickets for disadvantaged communities
  • Community organisation partnerships
  • School transport subsidy
  • School box office & school programme
  • Creative Associate

Touring Programme

  • City & County Events
  • School & Library Events
  • Public Space Performances


(numbers based on 2019 festival)

Average Ticket Price Subsidy​

76% of the cost of each ticket was subsidised to reduce the cost for families and schools.

Total Audience

10,438 families and 13,305 school children attended the festival.

Free Tickets

968 free tickets were given to teachers, special needs assistants and children and families from disadvantaged communities.

Free Workshop Place

1,456 school children availed of free workshop places.

School Children Through Bus Subsidy

2,977 school children who experienced the festival travelled by transport subsidised by our School Bus Subsidy programme.

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Baboró is a registered charity – we depend on public support and funding to continue – we cannot do what we do without you!