About Wide Eyes

A European Celebration of Performing Arts for the Very Young. 

Final event of Small size, Performing Arts for Early Years.  Hosted by Baboró International Arts Festival for Children

When: Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th of February, 2018

Where: Galway City, Ireland

What: In early 2018, Baboró hosts ‘Wide Eyes’ A European Celebration of Performing Arts for the Very Young.  This one-off, four-day event will feature a host of:

  • Performances for school, crèche and families
  • Professional development workshops
  • Industry symposia
  • Opportunities for European exchange

The event will feature fifteen new productions for 0-6 year olds, all of which have been developed specifically for this project and are intertwined with one another under the project’s overarching theme of ‘Wide Eyes’.

According to the project Coordinator ‘Wide Eyes’ are 

“the children’s big eyes, hungry for knowledge and eager to take in every detail of the world they see
Roberto Frabetti

The incredibly diverse array of performances for the festival similarly conveys the “wide eyes” of the participating artists, who have created deeply innovative and moving ways of opening audience’s eyes to the world around them.  The challenge set by this project was for the artists to step out of their comfort zone and take artistic risks in creating their performances. 

Why: This event will mark the culmination of ‘Small size, Performing Arts for Early Years’, a four-year-long project, funded by Creative Europe

Who: This four-year-long project has involved:

  • Leadership by Roberto Frabetti, La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi, Bologna, Italy
  • This event, presented by Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, to celebrate the culmination of the project

Small size

A worldwide association dedicated to spreading and supporting the exchange of ideas on performing arts for early years throughout the world, Small size is rooted in the belief that “children, even the youngest ones, have the right to be viewed as spectators of today and not only of tomorrow.” 

Baboró's Role

In 2009, Baboró was invited to join the “Small size, big citizens’ project” and become a part of this network of artists with an enthusiastic passion for developing artistic work for younger audiences.  Now, involved in a second project with Small size, Baboró is delighted to not only be producing its first performance with Branar Téatar de Pháistí as part of the project, but also to have the opportunity to host the project’s final event: ‘Wide Eyes’ A European Celebration of Performing Arts for the Very Young.

Approximately 140 European arts professionals will travel to Galway from Small size Partner organizations, in addition to national and international artists, delegates, and audiences to see this very special event for Early Years.

We look forward to welcoming you!


About Wide Eyes