Photographer: Tuomo Härkönen

Dance Theatre Auraco
Dance | Finland

SOLD OUT Tuntu (Touch)

A gentle show where the audience is invited to experience dance through many senses. Specifically for visually impaired audiences.

About the Show

What does dance sound and feel like? Too often, dance is thought to be an art form that can solely be experienced through sight. However, Tuntu explores how an artistic dance experience can be provided without the use of vision, allowing visually impaired children to participate in the power of movement.  Delving into the world of senses and experiences, audience members and artists will work together to understand dance through steps and rhythms, airwaves, touch, breath and even the rustle of clothes against the floor.

Company Background 

Founded in 2006, Dance Theatre Auraco is a unique and visual dance company that celebrates pushing boundaries between its audiences and its performers.  Its performances are for all ages and combine many different art forms. In addition to its very special performance for Wide Eyes that is accessible to visually impaired children and their parents, Dance Theatre Auraco also held the Hand in Hand Workshop in Finland at Small Size Days 2015.