Small size

Small size, performing arts for early years is a Creative Europe 2014-2018 funded project.

It is funded with seventeen Early Years festivals/production company partners throughout fifteen European countries.

The purpose of the Small size Association is to spread the exchange of ideas on performing arts for early years (0-6 years) throughout the world, creating a platform for knowledge and practice exchange in which partners can work together on the development and promotion of projects, events and initiatives for young children and their families. Small size is notable in having received EU funding for three consecutive projects and is one of only a handful of projects for children to receive funding. Continuous support from the European Commission gives recognition to a project that has established and developed a unique European network that promotes the diffusion of performing arts for early years and a culture for childhood, conceiving art as a means to establish relationships and links among countries, citizens and generations. The project supports the children’s right to a full cultural citizenship, encouraging adults to fulfil their duty to pursue this goal. For more see

Small size, performing arts for early years (2014-2018)

The current seventeen partner project is funded by European Union Creative Europe 2014-2018. Project partners meet at least once a year in a partner city to see work, explore creative processes, workshop, network and share ideas. One of the outcomes of the current project is that each partner will devise, produce and present a new work for Early Years audiences. The partners spend time together each year to present works in progress, and to enjoy peer-to-peer learning and critique as the new work develops. As a non-producing festival, Baboró is excited to produce its first performance as part of the project. Baboró will host the Final Event of the project in Galway in early 2018 when it presents Wide Eyes Early Years Festival, a four day festival of Early Years performances, workshops and industry events.