We believe that very often two minds are better than one. We like to explore new ideas, question norms and explore new creative possibilities, especially in the arts for young audiences sector.

We at Baboró like working with like-minded people on collaborative projects. We like to collaborate with artists, educators, funders, sponsors, businesses, venues - in fact anyone who shares our passion for the importance of creativity in the lives of children. We are involved in creative partnerships at home in Galway, all over Ireland, in Europe and beyond. Baboró would like to further strengthen and expand our partnerships and collaborations across the sector in order to position Baboró as one of the foremost players in the field of arts provision for all children in Ireland

Please contact us if you would like to be our next collaborative partner.

NUI Galway

Since 1996 Baboró has programmed festival events on NUI Galway campus and hosted several NUI Galway student placements. Baboró accommodates groups of NUI Galway students as part of the festival performance and creative engagement programmes. Baboró has been the subject of many NUIG students’ papers and dissertations over the years.

Baboró is currently connected with the following NUI Galway courses:

  • BA in Drama and Theatre Studies - Theatre for Young Audiences Module
  • BA Connect - The Value of Arts and Aesthetics in the Early Life of Children Module
  • BA with Children’s Studies - Children and the Creative Arts module


Branar Teater de Pháistí

Baboró and Branar Teater de Pháistí are two Galway organisations who share a passion for excellence in children’s arts provision in Ireland and are committed to aiding the development of emerging artists.

Branar is a partner alongside Baboró on two Creative Europe Projects; Mapping and Small size Network. They are also a partner on Baboró's artist support programme, Pathways to Production.


Small size Network

The purpose of the Small size Network is to spread the exchange of ideas on performing arts for early years (0-6 years) throughout the world, creating a platform for knowledge and practice exchange in which partners can work together on the development and promotion of projects, events and initiatives for young children and their families. Small size is notable in having received EU funding for three consecutive projects and is one of only a handful of projects for children to receive funding.


The Abbey Theatre

The Abbey Theatre and Baboró began to work together in 2015 to support a regional tour of ‘Me, Mollser’, a specially commissioned monologue play to introduce ‘The Plough and the Stars’ by Seán O’Casey to a younger audience. Baboró presented the original ‘Me, Mollser’ written by Ali White and directed by Sarah Fitzgibbon at Baboró International Arts Festival for Children in 2013.


Princeton University

Each summer, a student from Princeton University spends two months in Galway working with Baboró, via Princeton’s International Program (IIP). The interns work full time on collating information for the festival programme and assisting in the writing and editing of the brochure, website content and other documentation for the festival. The internship gives them an opportunity to see how a festival is put together and also to experience Galway and the west cost of Ireland during the summer months, when the town is in full festival mode with the Galway International Arts Festival, Galway Film Fleadh and Galway Fringe Festival all taking place.