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Get Curious on the Shore

Galway Atlantaquaria and CÚRAM

Get Curious on the Shore

​​Join Dr. Norin Burke and Dr. Sarah Gundy as they explore the seashore at Grattan Beach, finding animals that make their own glue, drill holes in other animals and shoot out stinging cells (note: no danger to humans!). Examine slimy seaweed, crazy crabs, and sensational sand!

The workshop will explore ways in which our health can benefit from the ocean. You will discover sponges and how their slime can fight cancer and harmful microbes. You will learn how scientists are trying to copy the way marine organisms, such as barnacles and mussels, glue themselves to things to make surgical glues. Seaweeds and crustacean shells will be examined - can be transformed into easily injectable ‘hydrogels’ that can heal wounds and deliver medicine? After the beach, you will go hunting for sea treasures along the prom and in the aquarium. Registered attendees will receive a 25% discount on entry to the aquarium immediately after the workshop. Families will have to reserve a time slot through the aquarium online booking platform or through reception before arrival.

Please note these workshops are outdoors on a beach, please dress accordingly.

Friday workshops: 3 - 5 year olds and carers

Saturday workshops: 5+ year olds and carers

Dr. Noirin Burke is the Director of Education at Galway Atlantaquaria Ltd, the National Aquarium of Ireland, where she has worked for over 12 years. Her job involves developing and delivering educational activities within the aquarium and through outreach.

Dr. Sarah Gundy works for the Education and Public Engagement team at the SFI Research Centre for Medical Devices (CÚRAM). Her job focuses on building collaborations between scientific researchers and the community, to inform and engage the public in science. She manages CÚRAM’s Teachers in Residence programme which supports primary and secondary teachers and their students in science education.

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