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All his life Mac has wanted to be an archaeologist, to be an expert at finding things and working out what they mean. If only he could stick to the facts and not get carried away with his highfalutin stories. But in a world where facts and figures mean so much more than fairytales and fantasy, Mac has to dig deeper to prove that what he finds is what he thinks it is. Will people believe him, or is this just another of his tall tales?

Performer and writer Paul Curley and designer Ger Clancy, in collaboration with director Robert Alan Evans, bring this theatre adventure in archaeology to life. The Dig spins a classic yarn in a brand new light that will delight audiences young and old.

Made possible by the support of The Arts Council of Ireland, Roscommon Arts Centre, Draíocht & Irish Theatre Institute.


Paul Curley

Paul Curley is amongst Ireland's most experienced theatre artists for young audiences. He has collaborated with many leading theatre companies in Ireland, UK and beyond: Barnstorm, Red Bridge Arts, Catherine Wheels, Teater Refleksion, WillFredd Theatre, Action Transport Theatre, Tall Stories, Theatre Alibi, Graffiti, Monkeyshine, Tutti-Frutti, Replay.

Paul also works in an independent capacity creating theatre with small teams of highly skilled collaborators. With designer Ger Clancy and director Philip Hardy, Paul created Bake! an interactive theatre experience for 4-7yr olds. Bake! has played all across Ireland including Baboró 2015 as well as in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Dig is Paul’s second major collaboration with Ger Clancy bringing on board the skills of UK director Robert Alan Evans.

With a genuine passion for creating innovative and engaging theatre experiences for young audiences, he has enjoyed performing at many international festivals: Edinburgh, Sydney, Hong Kong, Galway, Taipei, Auckland, Toronto, New York, LA.


Mick Lally Theatre, Druid Lane

Accessibility: The venue is fully wheelchair accessible.

Parking: There is no parking at this venue. Spanish Arch/Jury's Inn car park is a 1 minute walk from the theatre and costs €2.20 per hour. Street parking is also available nearby and costs €2 per hour.

Public Bus: The Mick Lally Theatre is an 8 minute walk from all bus stops in Eyre Square.

Walking: The Mick Lally Theatre is a 9 minute walk from the Town Hall Theatre and a 3 minute walk from the Spanish Arch.